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Junior Marketing/Account/Business Manager

Pure Design

Mesto: Bratislava

Typ: Full-time

Plat: 600 — 1400 €

Dátum pridania: 28.05.2019

Who we are?We are a young flexible team of four people, with focus on delivering high quality environmentally friendly products with premium support. Our main goal is to deliver the best possible experience to our customers and make the world a little better.You can learn more about us at www.puredesignbottles.com

Náplň práce

What will be your responsibilities? - making sure that all product pages (eshop + Amazon) are in the best shape!- optimization of product pages (Amazon) - implementing new marketing strategies- other necessary tasks that come up. We are a small startup, so there might be other things that come up and need to be dealt withYou can also take on other tasks and learn new skills (eshop maintenance, Instagram, Facebook)


Who we are looking for?- “Doubting Disorder” - we expect you to question your own assumptions, company practices, and everything around you. Our company is completely meritocratic, if you do not challenge your own and your boss's ideas, there is something wrong. We want to do things because they bring results, not because other companies do them. - Eagerness to learn new skills - If you want to improve only in one area, this position is not for you. However, if you like learning and are not afraid of new challenges we would love to work with you! - Ability to work without supervision - there will not be anyone looking over your shoulder to make sure you are not browsing Instagram. You need to have enough self discipline to manage your time and deliver results. - Goal oriented mindset - Goal is always something everybody needs to be 100% certain on, but we expect you to find the best solution if it's a new thing or challenge and improve existing processes. You are expected to reach the set goals "by any means necessary".- Ability to meet deadlines- Great English, German is helpful


Why should you be interested?- opportunity to have an impact and make the world a little better- Do you want to start your own business or just acquire unique skills? Learn to sell physical products online on Amazon and Eshop- create your own thing! be creative, take initiative and develop your own ideas- acquire entrepreneur's mindset - your work will be very independent and variable, good opportunity if you want to became partner or establish your own business- flexible working hours- young flexible work team- quick career advancement - freedom to realize and test your ideas in online marketing - if the chemistry works, you can become a partner in the business

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