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Shimpy Kumari

Digital Marketing Specialist

Skill: Senior

Hodinovka: 1030

MarketériSEOSocial MediaStrategyPRConsultingLinkbuildingE-mail MarketingContent MarketingMarketing ManagementLeadership/ManagementEnglishBusiness DevelopmentTesterWooCommerceWordpressUser Experience Web Design

Dear Visitor!

Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Shimpy. I am Digital Marketing Expert based in Bratislava, Slovakia. I started digital marketing as a hobby but soon, it became my passion to provide creative solutions, design stunning websites, create email marketing campaign, play with marketing tools, SEO, Analytics and Ads. The area of digital marketing is so broad that it challenges me to continuously improve and provide value to my client.

I am a growth minded person and my work ethic is guided by 3 Core principles -

  • Commitment
  • Continuous Learning
  • Creativity
    I do not deliver a service, I deliver an experience.

Come and work with me to boost your business growth online and learn from each other.


My Story

I graduated from College with a degree in Electrical Engineering. But, I followed the unconventional path and started my career as an Automation Engineer.

I am a self-taught Full-stack Digital Marketer. I started to work as digital marketer for my friends for no cost. That gave me the motivation to learn and dive deeper into this subject. So, I gradually shifted from hobby to pursuing this as my side career.

To see my work, check out my official page where I apply all my knowledge on digital marketing.


My Expertise

  1. Visually Stunning Website Design using Wordpress - I am passionate about designing great UI Experience. I combine my QA knowledge with marketing to deliver an optimal website.
  2. Website Performance Optimisation - My experience as Software Quality Engineer helped me understand about website perforrmance metrics alot. I apply the same to optimise the website performance. Research says that if a website takes more than 5s to load, user is most likely to leave your page. Hence, website performance should be of utmost importance to a business.
  3. SEO Optimsation - If your website is not discoverable, its hard to attract your customers. I will help design a website that will rank high on google search.
  4. Email Marketing & Automation - I will hep you setup infrastructure to grow your customer and also use email list to keep your existing customer
  5. Google Analytics - Will help you draw powerful insight on your business and customer.

Ocenenia, certifikáty

I am a Udemy certified Digital Marketing Specialist. I have learned from the best in the market.




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