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Tereza Ondrejová

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Skill: Mid

Hodinovka: 2070

#Copywriting#PPC#Consulting#Social Media#SEO#Strategy#Proofreading

I am a freelancer with a focus on business and marketing.
I enjoy helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals.
During my education, I worked with various companies on their marketing and business projects and I also gained knowledge about entrepreneurship with my business projects.
I continue to grow and develop my skills through self-learning every day. I am enthusiastic about learning something new in the fields that interest me.

I am well-organized, responsible and punctual. I am always ready to help you and your business to grow. Due to my creative soul and innovative personality, I will push you and your business forward to achieve your goals.
I am here to help you develop your business. So, if you are looking for someone helping you to grow your business, then let’s talk!


IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding

AP degree: Marketing Management
1st semester: Business Understanding, Methodology and Market Understanding
2nd semester: Tactical and Operational Marketing B2C and B2B
3rd semester: Elective subjects
4th semester: Internship and Final Exam Project

• Marketing
• Sales
• Organization
• Financial Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Statistics
• Methodology
• Global Economy
• Business Law
• Global Communication
• Marketing Communication
• Negotiation

• Statistics
• Business Economics
• Digital Marketing


DermaOXY - B2B tactic and operational marketing
Sdr. Bjert Kro - Repositioning
Selected Car Group - External Analysis
Koldinghus Castle - Marketing Research
The Doughnuts - Marketing Strategy & Planning, Market Research, Social media ads, Social media management, Website, Social media presence, Content creation
Ooyoot - Marketing plan, Marketing consultation
BPI A/S - Internationalization strategy
Rostlinně - LinkedIn management, Blog writing
Belloracha Coaching - Infographic
All For Us - Services Office - Writing articles, administrative assistant, research
JH Marketing Results - Research

Ocenenia, certifikáty

• Google Digital Garage
• Google Analytics Individual Qualification
• Google Ads Display Certification
• Google Ads Measurement Certification
• Google Ads Search Certification
• Google Ads Video Certification
• Hubspot Content Marketing
• Hubspot Social Media



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