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Shaun Teles

Art Director / Designer

Skill: Senior

Hodinovka: 20200

#Art Direction#Audio#Branding/Naming#Creative Direction#Grafický dizajn#Ideamaking#Illustrácia#Tvorba obsahu#Video Editing

I’m Shaun “Hi” I am an Artist, Producer, maker of things, but more formally I am a digital Designer/Director, which means I create concepts, content and visuals for brands, businesses and people. A multi-disciplinary designer, whose work transcends genres & industries. I believe that creative work can transform a business, that a unique product or service is essential in an age of modernity.

Clear messaging with Clear Communication Captures Consumers.

I enjoy working with people that care for design and the immense value it brings to both businesses and consumers. Connect with me to find out how he can help in bringing your vision to life. ⛓


My work varies, so here are some links to work that I've done, some old, some new 😀

Ocenenia, certifikáty

2018 - Cannes Young Lions - Bronze - Print (CareNGO)

2018 - Loeries - Bronze - Digital & Interactive Communication Social Media (Insterview)

2018 - Loeries - Bronze - Digital & Interactive Communication Data Driven Campaign (Insterview)

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